David Kunetka, Sr.
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Mr. / Prince Quartey (Foreigner, Ghana )  Read >>
Mr. / Prince Quartey (Foreigner, Ghana )
May the family of the late David Daniel Kunetka, Sr., be consoled by the Good and Almighty Jehovah who is keeping him in eternal rest. He giveth and He taketh. May his soul rest in perfect peace always. Close
My Condolences  / Sarah Kunetka (Grand daughter)  Read >>
My Condolences  / Sarah Kunetka (Grand daughter)
I may not have been there for my grandfather in his last hours, but don't think that will not be on my consience for a while to come. I feel bad that I  wasn't there for him and my father, David, told me that my grandfather wanted to see me. At the time, I felt...how should I say this...upset, angry and I had no clue what I wanted. I must admit that even though my grandfather never saw me, and I never saw him...it didn't stop me from caring and loving him. I like to think he is in a better place, watching us with a solid, careful eye. Hopefully, my grandfather understands that I wanted to see him, but I just didn't know what to say when I got there. Always remember Grandpa, I love you even though you're gone from this Earth. Close
Comfort / Tommie Dorsett   Read >>
Comfort / Tommie Dorsett

Dear David Jr,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I'm praying for you and your family. I can't say that I know how you feel because no one really can relate to your lost. Lossing a father has to be a difficult thing to overcome. However, take comfort I knowing that God does know how you are feeling, he knows our every need. Not only does he know your needs he wants to meet them. I pray that you find comfort in knowing that your heavenly father is there for you. He wants to comfort you through this difficult time.


My condolences. / Eric Kunetka (Grandson)  Read >>
My condolences. / Eric Kunetka (Grandson)
Although I can't be there in person, my will and spirit reside with all those left behind.  Grandma, my Dad, and my Aunts, I wish I could take away the grief and sorrow you all must feel.  Time and God are very mysterious things, my grandpa had completed his journey in life and moves on to a new adventure.  I'm happy he's left the toubles of this world behind, now my heart and soul now are with those that cared about him and will miss him dearly.  I'm so sorry I couldn't be there with him in his final hours, I pray this condolence makes a tiny bit of difference in everyones life.  Good luck to everyone, I'll always remember you grandpa.

Eric Kunetka  Close